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The SunCooler: American Technology

A unit at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Tracy California.
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NWREC is an energy company. We have interests in:

  1. Air handling and building efficiency
  2. Energy distribution and storage
  3. Energy production and efficiency; thermal, chemical, electrical, etc...
  4. And more
The company will cover more energy related topics as it expands.

NWREC is currently focused on building energy and air handling with the SunCooler: a patented solar powered autonomous ventilator. Commercial, warehouse, and storage buildings equipped with SunCoolers can make significant heating and cooling savigns. Schools and penitentiaries, and other high occupancy buildings will satisfy their department's COVID-19 fresh air requirments if they equip the SunCooler. No other company competes with this new and revolutionary technology that has now been operating on buildings for about 10 years. Research our products tab for more information or contact us to see how much money we can save you. Also download our "Meeting Handouts" and discuss amongst yourselves!

Below one of the study units on Target, Alboni Oregon.

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